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  • We already know which states have the most state pride. But, do we ever stop to think that there's legit state-hate out there? According to Matt Shirley, and his map of Every State's Least Favorite State, it appears that if you reside in one state, there's not much love for the one next to you. ... View Post
  •   Now, you may live in a particular U.S. State, but it doesn't mean that you have to like it. According to this map by USA Today that polled the U.S. on State Pride, a surprising amount of people would like a change of scenery. It's no surprise that Texas scores high on State Pride (68%), while ... View Post
  •   Each U.S. State has their unique way of saying things. This appears to be most accurate, and cause the most debate, when it comes to how natives refer to certain food items. For example... Did you know that there's an endless debate in New Jersey over their beloved breakfast meat, and whether ... View Post
  •   As much state pride as we have, even we must admit that there are a few borders in the U.S. that could use some work. Thankfully, graphic artists want to fix everything. xkcd is here to help, with a graphic designer-style edit on the United States. A few clean-ups here, and a straight line the... View Post
  • Enjoying a pork dish in New Pork? We want to see it. Sipping a kale smoothie in Kaleifornia? Yes, please. Sushi in Fishigan? Absolutely.   If you're somebody who takes awesome photos of everything you eat, and you’d like to show some State pride -- The Foodnited States wants to share your stuff... View Post