The Foodnited States Affiliate Program

foodnited sam

Would you like to make a few extra bucks for the holidays? Do you enjoy pun-fueled t-shirts and U.S. States made of food? If you answered, "hell yes" to either of these questions, and have a PayPal or Google Wallet account, you can start earnin'.


It's simple... Head over to The Foodnited States Affiliate Program and sign up. You'll be given a unique link to our shop, or you can choose a banner to display.


Share that link on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere people would like The Foodnited States' goodies. Every time someone clicks that link to our shop and makes a purchase, you'll get 10% of the purchase total. Boom!


Go here, sign up, and get sharing. And, thanks for being a part of The Foodnited States.