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  • We already know which states have the most state pride. But, do we ever stop to think that there's legit state-hate out there? According to Matt Shirley, and his map of Every State's Least Favorite State, it appears that if you reside in one state, there's not much love for the one next to you. ... View Post
  • Every US State is unique in its own way -- from food and culture to accents and blue laws. However, nothing sums up a State better then its motto. Or, at least you'd think it would. This map by CashNetUSA shows each State's maxim and the words that they live by -- in all of their vague outdated ... View Post
  • click to see full map Continuing with our Dumb State Food Laws series, we thought it'd be fun to show a few from all 50 States at once. The United States of Crazy Laws is full of comically-antiquated misdemeanors -- some of which are hard to believe actually existed or were enforced. Did policem... View Post
  •   Each U.S. State has their unique way of saying things. This appears to be most accurate, and cause the most debate, when it comes to how natives refer to certain food items. For example... Did you know that there's an endless debate in New Jersey over their beloved breakfast meat, and whether ... View Post
  •   Besides State lines, food culture and other factors that make each U.S. State unique -- there's also language that only locals will understand. The United Slang of America is a fun interactive map with each State's favorite slang term. Compiled by Slate, the map may have visitors to Vermont wo... View Post
  • Easter approaches, and many jelly beans will be bought and ingested. So, which jelly bean flavor reigns supreme in your State? has the answer, with a fun map of America's Favorite Jelly Bean By State. Collecting the last 10 years of sales data, and polling over 12,000 candy custom... View Post
  • click to enlarge   Are you a West Coast In-N-Out purist? Are the Five Guys your five favorite people? Or, is Whataburger life? According to this map, America's Favorite Fast Food Burgers By State, the country no longer hails the Burger King, nor are they "Lovin' it." Check out the coastal battle... View Post
  • click to enlarge   We've seen what happens when the U.S. is made of food puns. But, what if the map was, instead, divided by region according to alcohol preference? Vinepair brings us The United States of Alcohol -- an accurate and tongue in cheek breakdown of the United States' favorite booze. ... View Post