Show Some State Pride With Your Food Photos

foodnited pride

 New Pork, Pig Beach, NYC


Enjoying a pork dish in New Pork? We want to see it. Sipping a kale smoothie in Kaleifornia? Yes please. Sushi in Fishigan? Absolutely.


If you're somebody who takes awesome photos of everything you eat, and you’d like to show some State pride -- The Foodnited States wants to share your stuff.


It's simple... Post your food photo to Instagram, tag it #foodnitedpride and add your location. We'll then repost it with a proper shout-out. And, every week, one participant will be chosen at random to receive free goodies from The Foodnited States.


The only thing that we ask is that the photos fit with the theme of The Foodnited States, e.g., roasting s’mores in S’moregon or having avocado toast in Avocolorado. Here's all 50 States if you need some ideas.


So, go, show us your State pride and food love. Any questions, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.