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  •   Each U.S. State has their unique way of saying things. This appears to be most accurate, and cause the most debate, when it comes to how natives refer to certain food items. For example... Did you know that there's an endless debate in New Jersey over their beloved breakfast meat, and whether ... View Post
  •   If you've ever frequented a Chinese restaurant called Wok and Roll, bought wine at Planet of The Grapes, or you simply appreciate puns and creative wordplay, then we have the map for you.   Atlas Obscura crowdsourced some of the best pun-fueled business names from around The United States, and... View Post
  • 11 Awesome Food Puns Series

      Of all the creative wordplay available, food puns appear to elicit the biggest belly laughs. Here at The Foodnited States, we're obviously big fans of creative wordplay -- especially when foodstuffs are involved. So, here are just a few of our favorite food pun series. Hold on to your bellies.... View Post