11 Awesome Food Puns Series



Of all the creative wordplay available, food puns appear to elicit the biggest belly laughs. Here at The Foodnited States, we're obviously big fans of creative wordplay -- especially when foodstuffs are involved.

So, here are just a few of our favorite food pun series. Hold on to your bellies.

 marie saba

Marie Saba

Using cookie letters and other foodstuffs, Marie Saba makes some of the most hunger-inducing food puns available. Check out more of her work here.




Lizzie Darden 

Food play and puns never looked so delicious, than when they're in the hands of artist, Lizzie Darden. She rocks on Instagram.

Seen above, Traffic Jam.




Justine Morrison

Ever wonder what celebrities would look like if they were made from food? Artist Justine Morrison has the answer with her fabulous illustration series.




Siow Jun

Not only is Siow Jun's series Food For Thought full of puns and adorable cartoons, but it's educational as well. The illustrations and creative wordplay are a great way to get learnin'. 




Sarah DeRemer

Combining food with animals makes for some fun and delicious-looking food puns. Animal Food, by artist Sarah DeRemer, toys with our minds and taste buds, and we're pretty happy about it.

Seen above, Hippotato.




Talking Food

Few do it better, and more minimalistic, than Talking Food. A food item on gray background, proper pun inserted, done. See more over on Instagram.




Cutting Boredom

If cutting, slicing and dicing gets tedious, Cutting Boredom is here to help. The beautiful hand-crafted cutting boards are made by woodworker, Dave Stencil.




Words With BFFs

When texting or emails just won't do, a pun-laden visual becomes the best way to communicate with friends. Words with BFFs was an ongoing 'conversation' of food visuals and wordplay, between BuzzFeed writer Adam Ellis and his best friend Kristin.




Jaco Haasbroek

Food, Object or Animal is an adorable series by artist, Jaco Haasbroek. If food could talk, it might say things as Haasbroek sees it, and it makes for a great series.




Good Paper

Food puns are the gift that keeps on giving. So, if you're only giving a card, there's Good Paper. The greeting cards are fueled by puns and beautifully-crafted.

Not only that, but they're made by and help support victims of sex trafficking and those misplaced by disease in the Philippines and Rwanda.



Two Chips

Not necessarily a series, but no less hilarious, Two Chips is an all-time favorite. Filmmaker, Adam Patch's wife got drunk and told a joke. He recorded the audio, added a cartoon visual, and a punny masterpiece was born.


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