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  •   If you've ever frequented a Chinese restaurant called Wok and Roll, bought wine at Planet of The Grapes, or you simply appreciate puns and creative wordplay, then we have the map for you.   Atlas Obscura crowdsourced some of the best pun-fueled business names from around The United States, and... View Post
  • Coke, Pop or Soda?

    Quick! You're away from home and need a sweet carbonated beverage, stat! What is the proper lingo you would use to assure that your demands are met? It actually depends on what part of the U.S. you're in. Whether it's actually Coca-Cola or not, there is much of the South that will refer to a sof... View Post
  •   It's that time of year again. Christmas trees are up, retail stores are filled with semi-tolerable Holiday music and Christmas movies will be watched ad nauseam.   So, what is the U.S. watching for Christmas? More specifically, what is each U.S. State watching, based on their Google searches? ... View Post
  • Out of curiosity, and in need of some useless State knowledge, I Googled "Most Popular Fast Food Chains In Each State." One result that stood out -- a study conducted earlier this year by Business Insider and Foursquare -- was nothing short of head-scratching.   Although variety and a few obvio... View Post