Out of curiosity, and in need of some useless State knowledge, I Googled "Most Popular Fast Food Chains In Each State." One result that stood out -- a study conducted earlier this year by Business Insider and Foursquare -- was nothing short of head-scratching.


Although variety and a few obvious results are expected with maps such as these, the map seen above is dominated by one franchise... Chick-fil-A. Wait, whuh?


How could this be? How are there any chickens left anywhere? Well, the map, while obviously ridiculous, was later proven to be comically flawed in its method. The study was conducted "using the most visits on average in every state, based on the total number of visits to each chain, divided by the number of locations in that state." Again, wait, whuh?


Meaning that volume of humans and scarcity of restaurants within each State was key to the study -- not necessarily how some franchises, such as Whataburger in Texas, is practically religion. 


What do you think, Americans? What's your go-to fast food? And, does anyone actually like Chick-fil-A?


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