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  • photo: Next up in our Dumb State Food Laws series, New Jersey. No soup for you! That's something you might hear in New Jersey if a surly diner owner decides to uphold this antiquated law. We find it hard to believe that most New Jerseyans can keep quiet with their consommé, so pl... View Post
  • click to enlarge We all know what happens when every U.S. State becomes a food pun. But, what food items are iconic to each State? Flavored Nation brings us the answer in map-form. A few of these dishes may seem familiar or obvious to a particular area. Then, there's the introduction of something... View Post
  • Pineapple on pizza causes some of the most heated debates in the food world. Not to sway anyone's opinion, but as someone from New Jersey, the concept of pineapple on pizza is wrong and must be destroyed. Nonetheless, there are some U.S. States that still enjoy this ill-advised mix of sweet and ... View Post
  •   Whether they’re purchased or given away, stickers can be an effective marketing tool and a big hit with your fans. The Foodnited States Stickers are a fan favorite, and they've become a fun and cost-effective way to promote our brand. Check out a few things that we do with The Foodnited States... View Post
  •   Now, you may live in a particular U.S. State, but it doesn't mean that you have to like it. According to this map by USA Today that polled the U.S. on State Pride, a surprising amount of people would like a change of scenery. It's no surprise that Texas scores high on State Pride (68%), while ... View Post
  •   Ask someone from New Jersey to name an item that best represents their State, and they'll probably answer with one of the following... Springsteen, the Turnpike, the Shore, or Taylor Ham/Pork Roll. Thankfully, and because it's getting hot in the Garden State, Taylor Ham Ice Cream now exists. B... View Post
  •   Each U.S. State has their unique way of saying things. This appears to be most accurate, and cause the most debate, when it comes to how natives refer to certain food items. For example... Did you know that there's an endless debate in New Jersey over their beloved breakfast meat, and whether ... View Post
  •   Besides State lines, food culture and other factors that make each U.S. State unique -- there's also language that only locals will understand. The United Slang of America is a fun interactive map with each State's favorite slang term. Compiled by Slate, the map may have visitors to Vermont wo... View Post