Whether they’re purchased or given away, stickers can be an effective marketing tool and a big hit with your fans. The Foodnited States Stickers are a fan favorite, and they've become a fun and cost-effective way to promote our brand.

Check out a few things that we do with The Foodnited States Stickers to get the word out... besides sticking them everywhere.



Everyone loves free stuff. Even if it’s little more than a 4" x 3" adhesive slab of vinyl. Whether it’s an offer of free stickers in exchange for an email sign-up, or bonus stickers included with every purchase, they make for happy customers and may even land your site a great review.


Affiliate Marketing

We heard through the grapevine that college students love to cover their water bottles and laptops with stickers. “Hey, we have fun stickers... here you go, co-eds!”

Our recent Foodnited U campaign was a hit. By offering free stickers to students around the country, we were able to create an effective marketing campaign for merely the cost of stickers. Then, by offering tees to those same students, we found a few quality brand ambassadors in the process.



Giveaway Contests

There’s just something about seeing the word “Giveaway” that gets people eager to populate a comment section. Even if the item being given away is just a bunch of stickers.

Post a sticker giveaway contest on Facebook, Instagram or your preferred social media platform, and enjoy that spike in engagement rate.

Believe it or not, our sticker giveaways get an equal, if not better response than our T-shirt giveaways. Check out this one that we did over on Instagram...


Pseudo Business Cards

Show of hands... Who still saves business cards? Although business cards are still a preferred method of sharing contact info, stickers are a lot more fun. And, they'll instantly improve any flat surace... Boring cards don’t do that.

Confession... I recently forgot to bring business cards to a pop-up event. The perfect solution was passing out our stickers instead. It has our website address and social media handle on it, and they'll probably wind up stuck somewhere they'll be seen, not thrown in some drawer, i.e., the business card graveyard.



Fun and Games

Sometimes, people want to work for their freebie, and perhaps even have a little fun in the process.

At some of our pop-ups, we have a little feature called Sticker Pong. The rules are simple... Toss the ball in a cup and you get whatever sticker is in it. Freebies, gamification, fun, it gets people in your space... it has all the things.


A Gateway Purchase

Sometimes folks aren’t ready for the commitment of adorning their torso with your brand. Stickers are a perfect gateway purchase.

Besides all of these giveaways, stickers actually sell really well at The Foodnited States. We then follow up those sticker purchases with a coupon for a t-shirt. Boom, upsell!


Check out all of our Foodnited States Stickers here. And, in case you’re wondering, we get all of them printed at Sticker Mule... They're awesome.

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