the foodnited states poster

It's a question that nobody asked, but we're here to answer it anyway. It all starts with the original idea of an 8-yr-old boy. True story.


Chris Durso, art director and creator of, was approached by his son, Cameron. Cam asked innocently enough, "What if we made every State out of food?" Although the idea to create States out of food had been done before, it was Cam's idea to rename the States accordingly that made this a truly original project.


Chris and Cam got to work, coming up with new pun-fueled names for every State and then creating each one by hand. One by one, over the course of about a year, the food States were posted to Instagram. Around the halfway mark of the project, it went viral, and Chris and Cam found themselves all over the news, even landing an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show.


We're often asked what the food items have to do with the States themselves. In most cases, absolutely nothing, other than fun wordplay. It's best to ask the question, "What would each U.S. State be called if it was made of food?" Either way, check out our Foodnited States Poster which answers this burning question.


How did we do with your State? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

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