Connecticut pickle law

The Foodnited States will be exploring some of the most ridiculous State food laws from around the U.S. Whether they were once a good idea, and have since become hilariously outdated, or the person signing bills at the time was drunk -- we'll be presenting some of the best from around the country.


First up, Connecticut...


There's a Connecticut "law" which decrees that a pickle can only be called a pickle if it bounces.


Although, there only appears to be an isolated incident of this rule being enforced. A vendor was arrested and fined in 1948 for peddling pickles "unfit for human consumption," i.e., they didn't bounce when dropped from a foot off the ground.


This law has since been disputed and downgraded to a sort of urban legend, but let's pretend for fun's sake that vendors should throw their pickles to the ground before trying to sell them in Connecticut.


What are some other crazy State food laws that you've heard of? We'll be covering more here as a regular feature.


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